2023: Upcoming Dhan UI / UX update for Mobile App

Recently faced it so there is 1 usecase:
As market is volatile, while adjusting 1 leg in Iron fly, it took some time to enter with new trade.
Like as soon as I remove 1 leg with hedge, I need to add another call with its hedge in Basket and then trade.
This lag sometimes cause trouble.
Can it be there any basket which exit 1 trade and add another 1 instantly?
Providing this on Option table with remove facility will be great.
This is really best feature to adjust the position with another instantly specially like Iron Fly/Condor

what is the purpose of these tabs when you can’t select it. Please work on your UI/UX. Spend time on other platform like Groww or Zerodah and take a clue from them about UI/UX

Hi Roshan,

We take all feedback positively, and also make note of that. In this particular scenario - even one of the platforms you mentioned above and a very large broker, they disable features that are not applicable on an order type on their order screen. These controls are based on underlying Order Management and Risk Management systems and they change multiple times in a day.

My kind request to you sir and respectively is to share feedback with a positive mindset. If you come with preconceived notion that Dhan is useless, no amount of effort from our end will make you happy or satisfied. We are building Dhan to ensure we bring an awesome experience for traders & investors. We also have built in last 1 year what many of the large brokers have only promised for years.

As far as competition goes - we track everyone but we follow no one. Some of the products in the industry we may know much better than their own teams. We build for our users based on our insights.

Hope you understand our view. We are here for long-term, and if its better for our users - we will build it. Also respectfully, just sharing our view.

Thank you


It is ui/ux that needs massive update for Dhan.

Full Google login/auth support, my phone doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor so I have to login again and again using OTP (sometimes after switching apps). It’s really annoying.

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My request is much similar to this. Having no fingerprint sensor is really annoying.

Hi @dhruvism This doesn’t need mandatory fingerprint sensor, it will pick up your phone PIN or Pattern. The biometric choice is one that is enabled on your phone - Face ID / Finger Print / Pattern or PIN.

Well, it doesn’t. And i dont know why. If you want any log details I can provide (for debugging). @PravinJ

Congratulations Pravin, started Dhan last month, and I am coming top 5% of the Dhan family. In Option Chain we are not able to place the basket order. Add Basket order facility in Option Chain, as it is much needed to manage Hedging and margins. Second feedback needed Desktop Terminal facility, associate with XTS or equivalent terminal facility that will be added on for High-Frequency traders.

Please provide one click order and hot keys for order placing

Hi @bmartodisha, Please find note on all shortcuts here: Introducing: Fast Keyboard Shortcuts for Traders on Dhan Web

  1. Give a new feature to add 500+ stocks in the watchlist in one click. At present we need to add one stock at a time to be included in the watchlist. It’s really time consuming to add so many stocks in tradingview/dhan watchlist. So provide import watchlist / upload CSV(excel) file format to upload in your portal to make it easier.

  2. Let users give some space in price alerts window to write short notes. Provide NOTE section in price alerts so that traders can write their plan of action to be considered on triigering the price. Ie. If INFY price reaches 1400/- i must be knowing whether to go long/short/try option etc. Simply provide a small field “NOTES” so that we can write our own trading short notes.

Hi Vaibhav, thanks for the suggestions.

#1 is not possible - we won’t be added features to upload watchlist or CSV based lists. It’s incredibly difficult to match CSV from one source with other. How other platforms create their scripmaster and how we match it - we don’t want to get into this, its a data intensive effort and requires lots of manual checks. Instead we focus our energy to build core trading products., having said that we have some thoughts on simplifying this. We will plan for those.

#2. Noted, we will explore adding this to our roadmap.

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मोबाईल स्क्रीनशॉट शेअर करताना फक्त WhatsApp आणि Twitter चंच ऑप्शन येत आहे.
इतर ॲप्स वर डायरेक्ट शेअर करण्याची सोय नाहीये.
कृपया ते उपलब्ध करून द्या.

ज्याप्रकारे Holdings मध्ये investment value दिसते त्याचप्रकारे Open positions मध्ये प्रत्येक position साठी किती investment झालीये / पैसे किती गुतलेत हे पण दाखवता येईल का?

Used Margin मधून प्रत्येक open position साठी किती रुपये लागलेत ह्याची बेरीज - वजाबाकी करत बसावं लागतय.
तेच जर प्रत्येक open position च्या खाली त्याच्यासाठी लागलेली किंमत कळली तर बरं होईल.

@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande @Pranita @Dhan

one more feature needed,

The charts on trading view have no option to set default visibility of drawings on different time frames. For example, My drawings shud be visible from higher time frame to lower time frame. If i have marked support line on monthly chart it must be visible on all lower time frame (Week/day/intraday) & not vise versa. As of now drawing are available on all time frames irrespective of where you draw it. If u draw something on daily chart the same is also visible on monthly chart etc. So give us the customisable option to decide the flow of visibility of drawing from to lower time frame etc.

@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande @Dhan @Pranita


मोबाईल ॲपसाठी Real-time अपडेट होणारं tredingview च्या watchlist सारखं widget आणि open position आणि holdings साठी widget पाहिजे.
@RahulDeshpande @PravinJ @Dhan


Thanks for the updates.

Just a suggestion.

New Dhan app = Dhan backend (and features) + Paytm Money UI (solid interface).

Looking forward to new update soon.

An account level profit target can be added in trader control panel where Daily max SL and Max profit limit can be defined at account level. When any of the limit trigger automatically all the open position get sqared-off.

It can be in form of Account level Trailing Stoploss.

Because sometime what happen is that we hold position for too long in expectation of more profit but ends up in loss. If a trader is able to define some threshold at account level it will be helpful in avoiding panic.

Hi @oldbuoy. Nope this isn’t feasible or even possible by regulations. As a broker, we cannot be deciding which trade our users should keeping or squared-off on their behalf.