2023: Upcoming Dhan UI / UX update for Mobile App

Yes, noted the same Niman

Team, what you are doing is amazing… needed pine scripting in charts i.e. customized indicators…

With the customer chat support -
We don’t get any notifications of the new message. If we have initiated a chat and are now on a different screen.
We need to stay on the chat screen or get back and recheck for any new messages .

Oh, I wasn’t aware of this. Our chat support is powered by Freshworks, if this is available we will enable this. Thanks for highlighting.

Building on what @Karthik said, if the customer support window could be made a floating window it’d be really helpful.
Right now we need to keep a dedicated tab open for the chat with support and have an additional tab for the web portal.

thanks for asking improvements;
So i have some issues using backoffice statements,

  1. Transaction statement Good
  2. Ledger statement please add balance column with credit and debit
  3. profit and loss statement is not understandable it is not showing profit loss for each day.
    Also it needs profit loss for each section like commodity, equity, currency, MF, etf all separate.
    Also one thing which is very important for me is that if i can get intraday and delivery trades and their P&L in separate sections then i can fully articulate my trading quality.

please check them and adjust them in more customer friendly in nature.
These are some things which are very important please make them available as soon as possible.

Thanks for asking feedback.
Happy Diwali. :pray: :pray:


I had posted about not receiving notifications for chat messages 1 year ago, please check.

Position exit केल्यावर कितीला exit केलं आहे ती price येते.
त्यात position कितीला घेतली आहे आणि किती points मिळाले ते पण दाखवता येईल का?

Click on any of your exited position → You can see position summary. You will get the average price, your quantity, & Net PnL.

We will evaluate if we can add the difference in the points.

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@RahulDeshpande दादा, मी individual trade बद्दल नाही बोलत आहे.
मी जो फोटो पाठवला आहे त्या मध्ये (snapshot / screenshot) हे सर्व दाखवता येईल का?

Not sure if it’s going to be a part of the change in primary bank account update, but please do allow de-linking of dormant/closed/not in use bank accounts as well. Closed one bank account recently, but unable to unlink (remove) it from the demat. The customer support team isn’t very clear on the offline procedure (if that exists) as well. Thanks.

Hi @tusharj ,

Welcome to the Dhan community. :smiley:

We are working on seamless bank account updation process. Will let you know once its done.

Hi, @PravinJ

Need improvements in everytime we open Dhan app.

Current UX:

  1. Open Dhan app.
  2. Enter password.
  3. Wait for otp and enter it manually.

Needed UX:

  1. Open Dhan app.
  2. Enter 6-digit pin (a pin is faster to enter as compared to password)
  3. Get otp and it should automatically be filled.

Kindly help login faster.


Thanks :+1:, will look forward

Enable biometric, you will never want to go back.


Seriously, who comes up with such UI. Dhan android app really needs a good strong ui/ux product manager.

Most probably Mr Pravin is unable to change the font and color (purple etc) likings of Shraddha. I may be wrong, but Dhan is very responsibe with implementing user feedbacks except when it comes to its UI.

Feature wise Dhan is of 2030s generation while look wise it’s of 2000s generation.

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UI update for Dhan is work in progress.


As told in the past also, current black is too black.

can you please provide some light version into black that is much eye smoothing compared to current black theme?


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Love to have widgets with important informations like today P/L , index, overall portfolios P/L on ios !

Also app for iPad !

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