2023: What next to expect from Dhan

2023: What next to expect from Dhan

We had a great year in 2022. Dhan moved from last in the race to be ranked #33 (among the 200+ players) in India’s largest broking platforms by active accounts. There is a long way to go for us in - as a team, all of us at Dhan care very less about these ranks and care a lot more to ensure we provide our users the best trading & investing platforms.

We are here on our journey, thanks to our users, the feedback and suggestions we get - and we continue to make Dhan better everyday. Here is a quick summary of what to expect from Dhan in 2023:

Dhan Mobile App (2023 Edition) :iphone:

Stock Broking platforms in India usually don’t change much. Few ones that I track personally haven’t changed in years together. At Dhan, we want to ensure that the product & user experience of our platforms, along with usability stays ahead of time. With that, we will launch the 2023 edition of Dhan app soon. Sneak preview here.

Options Strategy Builder :chart_with_downwards_trend: :chart_with_upwards_trend:

We mentioned this earlier, we are waiting to experience this right on this. It will be launched on the web first, Options Strategy Builder will be a super powerful tool that every Options Trader in India should have - there are tons of features, super fast and the best possible experience for any Strategy Builder. A full list of this is available here and a preview is available here.

Forever Orders (GTT) on Equity & MTF :timer_clock:

Yes, we have tons of requests from Intraday & Swing Traders who want to use Forever Orders on Dhan for Equity & MTF. We will bring these for you soon, we don’t want to leave you out of the Dhan experience.

Mutual Fund Investments :money_with_wings:

We are building a Mutual Funds investment platform as we speak, it will be deeply integrated with core product & customer experience on Dhan. We have tons of requests from users who want to both - start Mutual Funds and also switch their investments to Dhan. We will try to support the switch experience as well, but before that get the core investing experience right.

DhanHQ Trading APIs :technologist:

It’s nearly a year since Dhan launched its Super Fast Trading APIs, they are now extensively used by partners like TradingView, smallcase, Tata Capital, GoCharing, Strazty and many more. Our fastest integrations have been in less than 5 days! We plan to introduce many updates to APIs, including the much awaited Markets Feed APIs with the same reliability as ever that Dhan promises.

Options Trader App :calling:

We will launch the 2023 Edition for Dhan mobile app, and in a few months post that also upgrade the Options Trader by Dhan app. We have lots of feedback & suggestions + learnings from our side, we plan to introduce these to Options Trader App along with upgraded UI / UX experience.

Paper-Trading Platform from Raise :newspaper:

Yes - we want to build this, a Paper Trading Platform from Raise (our parent company). However, we want to do this right away - and we are discussing this with appropriate regulatory authorities to build and bring a super advanced paper trading platform for users / traders / investors - to learn trading / investing before they step-in with real money.

NRI Accounts on Dhan :india: :us: :uk:

We have avoided this topic for a long time, and our answers so far have disappointed a lot of NRIs who have requested this. Now it’s time for us to answer this right - Yes, we will aim to introduce NRI accounts on Dhan in the coming year.

International Investing via Dhan :india: :us:

Beyond investing for NRIs on Dhan - this is exactly opposite. We aim to allow Indian investors to invest in Global Markets (including US, and other large international exchanges). It happens via IFSC GIFT City where we are in process of setting up a subsidiary to enable this. Exact timelines of this will be subjective, as US markets are in correction mode for a while. But yes - we want to enable this as well.

Digitised Service Requests :computer: :computer_mouse:

As most investing & trading has moved digital, we also want to ensure that we take all our account management and service requests digital. This includes - updating of Mobile Number, Email Address, Change of Bank Account, Segment Activation & Deactivation, Updating your KYC Records, and hopefully much more - all of this to happen fully digitally. No more offline requests, or as minimal as possible.

Statements, Reporting & More :newspaper_roll: :scroll:

Investing & Trading products need a great amount of work to build - but frontend systems, trading systems and backend systems. Dhan as an investing / trading platform is built to deliver a better experience - and we feel there is a lot to do for us in statements & reporting. We got most of the basics right now, and in 2023 we will work hard to build incredibly better data, reporting layers - more as visual experiences that are easier to understand.

Investments in Technology & Infrastructure :technologist:

Broking platforms are complex, tough and with more and more regulations coming - we expect this to not get any easier any soon. I personally feel that going forward Stock Trading & Investing is going to be more of a Product & Technology driven business and less of a brokerage / margin business that it used to be a few years back. For Traders & Investors, tech capabilities, infrastructure, network, connectivity, capacity utilisation, etc will matter more than ever. At Dhan - we will continue to invest in our product, technology and infrastructure for the year 2023 - to ensure our users get a reliable and seamless experience - always.

Thank you, looking forward to an incredible 2023. Did we miss anything? Is there something more you would like us to build - please answer in the comments. As always - we continue to stay focussed on making Dhan better everyday with your feedback & suggestions.

Best Regards
(on behalf of team at Dhan)


Hoping tax reports and tax filing process will be smooth!

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Will dhan ever bring cover and bracket orders for MCX?

Yes, we are in process of integrating with Quicko to make sure this is done well.

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The list here are the 12 big things we will work on for 12 months. In between these, there will be many updates & improvements on Dhan.


Can we expect these too.

  1. GOI bonds , T- Bills ( hope this would come along with mutual funds )

  2. 30 day / 60 day challenge .


Please also work on stop loss for long term positions

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Yes, it is covered in this: Forever Orders on Equity & MF. Link → 2023: What next to expect from Dhan

Also lanch a book for investing and trading f&o

What about Bracket orders for options ? Any timeline for that ?

hey @ngbhat… well, did you check app / web today :slight_smile:

Is there any chances of zero brokerage services in upcoming year 2023?

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@PravinJ and @Dhan_Help @Dhan – please do introduce Self managing multiple portfolio on Dhan into the mix. It is very much essential!

Even I have been eagerly waiting for Zero Brokerage Services to be announced

Yes… Its there :ok_hand: :ok_hand: Thank you

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Nope, no chances of this - on Dhan. We invest a lot in product, tech, infrastructure and more; here for long term and building a business.

We don’t play pricing games, we offer more value at industry standard prices. I wrote a long post on that here: Stock Broking Industry: Some perspective on Pricing / Brokerage & Way Forward | being practical


Dhan Mobile App 2023 Edition expected launch date?

We have starting giving access from today @Skr, limited folks to collect feedback.

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@PravinJ very thanks for the updates. The new UI looks really cool. Eagerly waiting to check especially the new option chain UI.

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