2023: What next to expect from Dhan

I think there a bug in two window view ,we are not able give /view different time frames in that windows ,not able to see in 5m and 15m time frames ,that can show only same times 5m and 5m please look into to this matter

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Hi @asgkbotany

In order to view different time frames in multi-screen, you need to async the interval toggle from the multi-layout box. Have attached a screenshot for your reference. Hope this helps.

still problem is not resolved

Hi @asgkbotany

Request you to untick the Interval tab, refer to the below screen recording steps for your reference. In case of any difficulty, feel free to call us at 022 48906273 or Chat directly from the CS section of App / Website.

Multi-time frames scrip-min

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@PravinJ Good to know the team heard our requests and option to open NRI account in 2023.

Do you already have ETA? I have trading account wtih Zerodha and Prostocks.

Please kindly look in to Prostocks NRI account opening process, it super easy to do digitally within a day. Atleast for NRO NON PIS account.

Also,request you consider the following

  1. Allow Equity intraday and delivery, F&O, and Mutual funs.
  2. Digital account opening process preferably
  3. Please disrupt Brokerage charges and be the first in industry to offer competitive charges
  4. Do market research about NRI trading and experience feedback and understand current pain points.
  5. Can we expect with NRI accounts within H1 2023?

Thank you

Hi @amit, we are live with Quicko. By now, I am guessing you already have seen this - Quicko and Dhan partner up to provide Tax Planning and Filing for investors and traders


thanks @PravinJ for making it up on time!

Hi @PravinJ,
This again highlights the issue which I raised few days back that Dhan is doing lot of good work on integration but there is no single place on Dhan where we can see what all apps Dhan is integrated to and we can then jump on those apps using SSO (if possible)

Panel to see all integrated apps - Feature Requests :raised_hand: - Dhan Community

Any updates on International Investing?

Nope, not yet. Infact with introduction of TCS on international investing, industry is re-evaluating the approach here.

Any update on Mutual fund investment? Track all your investment in one place, does it mean track all my mutual fund investment from dhan or it also includes other than mutual fund?

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You can go through Vested. Works fine for me.

Hi @PravinJ Sir, After opening my account with you despite comments in social media that at time Dhan is slow and during volatility orders get stuck, I am really glad with the latest technology you are introducing. Of course, yours being a new venture compared to some of the other brokers, I can understand the difficulties you might be facing. But since last one week of my trading experience I am extremely happy with your software having many excellent and useful features. One of them for eg. being showing status of price movement vs my orders/my alerts which helps me very much in taking a Call on the transaction whether I need to carry out or amend/cancel.

Thanks for such a nice software and look forward for more improvements in near future.


We continue to make Dhan better. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement @anilpalan., still lots to do and build. Work in progress at our end.

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Hi @PravinJ , feel happy that Dhan has been growning leaps and bounds, but when it comes to issue of "Removing irritiant popups from the basket " which has been pointed by various users, there is still no action on it, despite repeated assurances. Can you please address the issue, who see this issue with disdain and approach with lethargically slow pace ?

Here is the link for the same for more details

Hi @ngbhat, noted this - we will get back to improving our baskets experience soon from where it is today and also include this change. We usually pick up updates by modules, last time we did same for watchlist updates and in same cycle remove the confirmation request from watchlist. Will do that for baskets as well.

Thanks for the update Sir…You have mentioned about the watchlist. There is again pop up irritant while deleting the script from the watchlist (Only in mobile app). Kindly address this too

hi @ngbhat, request you to please check mobile app version, if it is latest. We have removed the confirmation for deleting stock on mobile and web both for watchlist.

hi @ngbhat, request you to please check mobile app version, if it is latest. We have removed the confirmation for deleting stock on mobile and web both for watchlist.

I use option trader mobile app v1.0.10 e1.0.0. The issue still exists in this version… (i.e. deleting an stock from watchlist , still gives confirmation pop up) I have the latest version , as I do not see any updates for this in playstore