2023: What next to expect from Dhan

There is no need for Zero brokerage services. You guys are doing a great job. :v:

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Hi, please allow longer passwords and possibly a UPI like scanner from the app logo itself for a quicker login via scan. Thanks.

Yes zero brokerage is not needed. But good valued features are required. You guys are already doing great. But still need to work on Particularly need to improve on ledger, P&L report, Modification in order page more simpler one, default candle chart on mobile app instead of line chart

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Hi @PravinJ

I had joined the meetup in Delhi and in that you had talked about screeners on Dhan is that plan drop or it’s on hold as you have not mentioned that in this list it’s very useful feature if directly available on dhan instead of going to other portal for that.

Hi @Nitinjawla : we will add incremental screeners in product for now. Plan for scanners product is here - for now we want to focus on improving core trading & investing products. We will try to provision that if possible.

Sir back office platform nhi h old contract access kese kre please asap lanch back office and make fund opection more transparent.

Hi @gabarsing662,

We do have Contract Notes and other statements on both Web and App. Just visit your Profile section & look for statements. Here is the web screenshot for your reference.

Similarly, we show Funds available for investing and withdrawal transparently on both Web & App. For any specific query or feedback, feel free to write to us on help@dhan.co

Yes i cheked it but hear no download opection for contact note only email please also provide

Hi !, I observed that Dhan shows more ticks in its chart in real time & also is faster than normal TV chart on TV website, When we connect to Dhan through TV website, then we get access to slow TV data (which is slow even with pro/premium sub). Is there a way to get access to faster data on TV website?
P.S. I can still trade on TV+DHAN, but custom indicators issue

Hi @turing0102 Charts on Dhan platforms are based on data we get from exchanges & charts on TradingView are based on their data. Charting systems are complex - and there will be always chances that data is bit different across all platforms. On dhan - we continue to improve our load times + speeds, however it isnt possible for using one system data on other.


I thought as much. Thanks for replying.

@ngbhat happy to share that you can now place bracket orders for options. Read more about this here - Live Now: Brackets Orders for Options Trading on Dhan

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We have a fast login for Dhan web (web.dhan.co). Check here - How to do Super Fast Login on Dhan Web Trading Platform? | Quick Login through QR Code | Dhan - YouTube

Trading challenge will be live soon. Stay tuned! :innocent:


@gabarsing662 Not a book but something equally informative is on its way.

By the time we make it for you, here is the list of books that we have curated!

Hi, I understand that. My suggestion is if you guys could make it something like this. It would be really cool.

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Thanks guru for reminder

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@gabarsing662 Happy to help!

Hi @tusharj, we will evaluate this. :100:

@gabarsing662 Feedback noted.