50 Days trading challenge On Dhan Join me(Week 1)

So I started this challenge after blowing my first account in option trading so now after having some set of rules I am starting with new balance again so here are my results till now I started it on Monday 24 July 2023

Note: I am trading with one lot only and 2 order per day.

Here are my profits after all deductions.

Day 1 (Monday) 24 July : -18.80
Day 2 (Tuesday) 25 July : 104.34
Day 3 (Wednesday) 26 July : 166.38
Day 4 (Thursday) 27 July : 1357.07
Day 5 (Friday) 28 July : 322.70

If you want to join me you can dm me.

There is no magic trick in market or strategy which can help you win every time it’s your strategy plus discipline which will help you succeed

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I went though cash challenge earned 9 k dhan steal my money and I was left with my capital and thousand Rs now trade with espresso so fable to make 6 k with 2 lack capital only loss relience share which i will hold for long term

You tried contacting them I never faced any such issue to be honest

I faced it and now just use dhan for charting only not inteadat

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