Ability to modify sl order to market order

Dear Team,
Please do the needful to switch to market order while modifying SL orders. It reduces unnecessary steps of cancelling SL order and again exiting on market order. ( of course this is not an issue with traders with high capital but highly useful to them having lower capital)

  1. You can reduce one more unnecessary step while closing trade from charts by removing that confirmation window where it asks "do you want to close the trade?

  2. Please make that “closing from chart” to market order. I think that closes the order on limit. (Please clarify)


Please Please please make it easy to trade. To be blunt and frank you don’t need any suggestion from users beyond a certain limit, you will just make it cluttered ( and you are doing it). just make it easy, remove unnecessary steps. ( and you have option, as you say you have 2 products, why do you have 2 ? why are you diverting ; read wasting your recourses on 2 products if that doesn’t have a specific purpose? where it feels you just have deserted web.dhan and giving all your attention to filling features to tv.dhan. So request you to make it simple and easy on web.dhan do whatever amount of feature you are filling in tv.dhan. no one is denying)

Suggestions for web.dhan

  1. you can provide buy and sell buttons directly on the side bar if you can put the pull out arrow. why one has to click an extra button to get buy/ sell button?

  2. Please remove TV buy and sell window popping up when modifying SL order ( don’t understand why it does? even if I am disabling tv buy sell button from chart settings.) make dhan window to pop up.

  3. As I said enable to modify SL orders to market. It will make it easy to close the order. will remove 2/3 steps.

  4. Enable to make change to scrips without clicking on the pull out button. ie outside the pull out button.

Hi @Pranab

Thanks for your detailed feedback.

  1. We do have feature wherein you can modify your open stop-loss order to market to execute immediately. Currently, it is available on web portal & App. We have noted your feedback for this feature on tv.dhan.co. (Attached recording)
    SL order to Market modify

  2. You may enable “Instant order” to place your orders in one-click. (refer the screenshot)

  3. If you close a position directly from chart (by clicking on x), it will get executed on market price.

For web.dhan

  1. Request you to try Trade Mode - this will give you option to search scrip and direct Buy & Sell buttons on the same page. (Attached recording)
    Trade Mode

  2. Feedback noted.

  3. Yes, it is already available on web.dhan.co & in app. We have noted feedback for tv.dhan.co.

  4. You can check Trade mode for you requirement. Additionally, request you if you can write to us at feedback@dhan.co with more details about your suggestion.

Hope this helps. Thanks again for your feedback.