Account balance wiped out for no reason ! What is this!

Dear Team,

My entire balance from dhan has wiped out. Kindly look into it asap.
Balance was around 55k plus. There were no order, how can account balance be zero.

Kindly resolve the issue and refund the account. I have shared the ledger summary on “Dhan cares”

Hi @dwivedinalin, Trading systems in our case auto-reconcile in morning before market opens. We reconcile everything from holdings, open positions, margins, money and likewise. This will happens for every account before market opens.

It will open and reset to normal post reconciliation. If you have written to Dhan cares, team will respond to you.

I think a banner after markets data is not much correct due to maintance mode is good idea, most of the times users confused and complaining on firum

Our platforms are up and running till 12:30 midnight, we see lot of users on commodity trading these days. Recon process is managed at individual level, and putting up a banner for that is a wrong idea - every individual time is different and it at times takes 1-2 minutes.

We know some large brokers do mention that right margin will be available only after 8:45 AM or so, but them our processes behind the scenes are way different from others.

I know the all, but users like me who have holdings also for long terms on Dhan.
but in when early morning or sometime on holidays I came to the app and try to see the stock data or holding or banking transactions.

all have vanished, and we can’t able to use the app properly.
so on time, if there is a banner or notifications that help to understand it well.

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