Add bhim upi option instead of paytm and gpay

Dear dhan team please add bhim upi option in fund transfer.
Bhim is developed by the National Payments Corporation of India.
It’s more trustworthy than anyone else.
So please add the bhim upi option instead of paytm and gpay.

Hi @kishan_hadiyal All UPI apps including ones you have mentioned run on NPCI only. Apps are simply front-end to the underlying tech that is running on NPCI.

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Right sir
But if money stuck in technical glitch no trustworthy support in other platforms.
I have a personal bad experience in gpay.
That’s why im asking for add bhim.

UPI platforms do not handle your money, they are transferred between banks.

That said, if you are not comfortable with UPI apps, simply generate an UPI id from your bank (verified on Dhan) directly, and same can be used to make payments. We support most of the banks.

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