Add symbols with name of stocks

Add symbols with name of stocks. symbols help to identify stock quickly…


Without symbols there is a lot of trouble. The symbols must be added.

Hi @Jainil2003 @Ravinder_Sharma

Sure, made a note of this. We will include this across apps.

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this seems to be like an old request, can you pls share an update to enable symbols on dhan?

even as toggle between name and symbol should be fine as long as search feature can search both by name and symbol.

@erankitjain The search supports symbol search as well. However, as response it will show the Instrument Name.

I meant add companies logo with name

Hi @Jainil2003 we will try to explore this but there are more than 5000 companies listed, might not be possible to get logo for all of them. Also, only popular logos are known and not all.