Adding of scripts in bulk

Hello- Do we have any option to add scripts in bulk yet? This is so inconvenient and time consuming to add them one by one. In tradingview we can add a list of scripts in seconds, do we have similar option on

Hi @Pradeep_Vaishnav ,

We have addressed your concern here, please check here.

Thanks for your prompt response @Divyasri.D.S
Not sure how this comment will help in the query that I asked and there must be a fix to the match rate issue if this is causing users to not being able to do so. There should be an option to add multiple scripts in one go as if someone wants to add, let’s say 200 scripts It would be a struggle to achieve that if they try it by adding a single script at a time. Looks like I need to stick with Tradingview to fulfill this requirement.

Hi @Pradeep_Vaishnav ,

We tried to bring in the bulk upload of the scrips in the watchlist, but the systems behind require accurate matching of the keywords allocated to each scrip from the exchange side. As @PravinJ mentioned in the above msg, a certain user’s scripmaster/ the excel sheet will be written in a way that at times wont be in sync with the backend’s data (and we can’t predict it always, and don’t even want to standarised it) hence he/she wont be able to add all the scrips in the watchlist. This will eventually hamper the trading experience and we don’t want it to happen.

On top of this, there are also limitations with the libraries extended to us by Tradingview, so building this feature might take more time.

But, we would like to bring this feature as many traders like you have suggested it. If and whenever we will implement it, we will surely inform you.

Thanks Rahul, as far as I know there’s a format in csv that you can add multiple scripts at a time (been doing it in TradingView). Nevertheless, I’ll use it the way it is right now and wait if this can come out any sooner. I have other pointers as well I’m struggling with but I’ll get it through your support portal.

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Thanks for your understanding. Our customer support team will surely help you out quickly comparatively.