Addition of "Alerts" feature on web tradingview of Dhan

I request you to please attention about this handy “Alert” feature that helps retail trader to be successful in day to day trading by getting this cutting edge feature of Trading view.

Explain below link.

Hi @ckr

Welcome to Dhan community. is hosted version of TradingView keeps few of its features exclusive only for its product and does not extend it to its partners.
For your solution, we have something on similar line- Webhook Alerts for tradingview. Here is the link for your reference
Introducing Webhook Alerts : Direct Order Placements on TradingView from Dhan

Please guide me with common syntax to close all open positions during trading.

It means I have to buy pro subscription of Trading view so that I can using this “Alert” feature. So, I only request you to please think about this “Alert” feature that can be developed in others ways, so we get benefit. I appreciate & thankful your hard work and dedication towards user concern…