🪲 After The Recent Updates Dhan Doesn't Ask Me For Authentication Most The Time

When I’m Opening The Dhan App, Now App Doesn’t Ask For Fingerprint Authentication Most Of The Time, With Previous Versions It Was Not The Case

Hi @Duck Not very clear, can you share more details on feedback@dhan.co

Your App Is Not Optimised For Every Device Available In The Market, I’ve Reported Few Other Bugs As Well Which Haven’t Been Fixed Till The Date, I Had A Video Conference Regarding Previous Bugs With Team Dhan But Not Been Fixed Yet

Hi @Duck, unfortunately not able to find any account or email linked with your email address on community. Idea of the community is to help build Dhan better, if you would like to share any feedback or there is past emails, suggest forwarding the same to feedback@dhan.co

I also noticed it now, after reading this post, I opened the app through fingerprint authentication closed it, and then opened it after 20 min. Surprised to see that it didn’t ask for any PIN or fingerprint.

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I’ll DM My Email. I Don’t Like To Share My Personal Info In Public Domain

Hi @SmallCapHunter If the session is active it wont ask for repeat validation. In our case, if there is a forced time-out, or session gets invalidated - then it will either ask for full login (with Login Password / OTP / Biometric) or partial validation with (PIN / Biometric).

Treat the session management on lines with something like WhatsApp or Gmail, just that we do forced time-outs which these apps rarely do.

You’re Very Genuine With The Pricing But Tech Is Something I’m Not Satisfied With, Because There Is A Lot Of Bugs Under Single App Can Not Be Accepted, However I’ll Stick With You Guys As There Are Absolutely No Charges Handling Dhan Account…, I Would Like To Connect You Via Google Meet Discussing Those Tech Failures Or Bugs Someday, As You Co-founded This Company So You’ll Understand Things Way Better Than Other Members

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I Don’t Add Much Value To Platform As I Only Do Swing Based Trades Using Dhan’s Really Affordable MTF Feature, So Don’t Know If You’ll Ever Decide To Connect With Me… However Very Early Days You’ll Do Better With Time I Guess

How long does a session last for? When I open an app and close it completely, doesn’t that end the session? I don’t think it should take more than 5 minutes to end a session.