ALERT FEATURE ( new option needed)

Hi @nx.vijay & @UjR,

Noted your suggestion, we will try to evaluate price alert notes in web portal as well.

what is the maximum price alert limits for stockz? 100 or 200 alert we can place per demat account?

Hi @Vaibhav, you can set up to 250 Price Alerts.

you have implemented the feature without testing, now after we place price alert with notes after the alert get hits we are not able to view the NOTES in Achieved alerts tab.see the attached below pic. where nifty50 price alert was saved with notes, but i cant view the notes now.

Hi @Vaibhav,

We are having this checked and will revert you on your registered email id.

add these modifications in price alert

price alert note are not visible once the price get hit. the notes (fully) are not visible & search option is missing in price alert

Hi @Vaibhav,

You can see the notes in the “Achieved” section of price alerts. Moreover, we will continue to enhance these feature, thank you!

Notes has 150 letters limit. but in achieved alert not all 150 letters are visible. only few words are visible. check your self once.

Hi @Vaibhav,

We have noted this, thank you!

add search option in active alerts & achieved alerts.

Hi @Vaibhav,

We will surely check the possibility to add search bar in the price alert section.

Just to add, the letters which is not visible once the price alert is achieved will be updated from our end in the next build of application (expected delivery in the upcoming 1-2 weeks). Thanks for highlighting.