Alerts Not responding


I want to set alerts but after I have entered the price and set price alert, it does shows only busy sign.


Noticed this multiple times even mailed to the support team still the implementation is buggy :bug:
They should have a system of Instant alert on App + Mail (like other brokers- Zerodha, Fyers) so that even if app alerts fails we could have the alerts on Email :email:

Hi @Rshagrawal,

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Setting price alerts seems to be working fine. Did you try again after refreshing your browser/internet connection.

Price Alert

@infiniti, We are working on enhancing our Price alert feature. We have your feedback.

Yes, Its responding now, It was not responding at that time, I had logged off and still the same. You should improve your systems.

Hi Team,

Today I found out that the DHAN Price Alerts are not workingā€¦ When the price hits the target it doesnā€™t show any notificationsā€¦ After knowing the price has crossed the target, if I refresh the page, the Active alerts shift to Achievedā€¦ This is of no useā€¦

Please address this issue at the earliestā€¦

Kindly leave us a reply as soon as this issue is resolvedā€¦


Still active after the triggerā€¦ No notificationsā€¦ If I refresh goes to Achievedā€¦ Patheticā€¦

If I rely on these alerts, trades will go in vainā€¦

Please do somethingā€¦

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Hi @Jarvis

For Dhan web price alerts, currently, you need to check the notification for the alerts achieved under the bell icon. While for Dhan app, you will receive the push and in app notification along with the sound.
We will continue to optimize this feature on web for better experience.

Hey Simran, Any update on Comment on Price Alert and longer duration for alert like alarm as in trading view? (For mobile as well as Web)

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Hi @Vignesh_N,

We will surely consider your suggestions to enhance this feature. Thank you!