Any restriction on far options?

hi ,

Seeing order not allowed due to number for days .
But ther is significant volume

Fyi , this is dec 2023 CE

Haha. Yes. But could not sell yet. :blush:

Understood that DHAN allows only 3 months future dated for options buying / selling

@PravinJ can you comment on this please

Some of my friends are into very far high volume option selling in far OTM NIFTY

When there is good enough quantity seen can this be considered to allow upto 1 year ?

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Option Contracts we allow up to 9 months, including the current month.

I guess this should be good enough even for ‘adventurous’ traders. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh nice. 9 months is good enough. Will try and keep posted. Thnx for the clarification