API for - Simple LTP for given securityId

Hey there,

I have been using API for both Zerodha and AliceBlue, now working to switch to DhanHQ. Both the brokers provide a way to get the LTP for the given symbol token Id / securityId, I could not see there is one available in DhanHQ documentation.

In current situation, I have to get the entire days 1 min OHLC and extract the last traded price and use it. The same needs to be repeated for multiple securityIds if I am interested in LTP for. I am sure the same should be available with you much easily and it will also save bandwidth at your end.

Also as I am passing securityId, all these are filtered, I come to a unique securityId, then why should the request details need expiryCode, symbol, Instrumenttype and Exchange. Making it simple would help both ends from error requests and making it simple

May be going a step ahead by giving an API which accepts multiple securityIds (comma separated), and return the LTP & securityId together in response json also will remove the multiple requests for each symbol LTP

Willing to discuss this further if need be


This is actually a much needed feature. I have seen other brokers providing easy way to get LTP from symbol. Please provide some API for this.


Hello @Shashidhar

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Thank you for your feedback. Our team is working on market feed data at the moment and moving forward, we will evaluate adding LTP data over API as well. For the Data API parameters, as pointed by you, we will look into standardising and allowing Security ID for the same.

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responding to this part of the request - taking only the securityId without confusion of multiple parameters

thank you and appreciate your quick turn around on responding, which is new based on my past experience with few other brokers.

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Hi sir, sounds good. waiting for this to get ltp to start trade with api, please make it soon already too delay. because without ltp data the whole api is not valuable.

How far away is this feature? Weeks or months?

Hi @Shanthi @VijayNair

Our team is already working on it, and we will keep you updated as soon as possible.

Does this feature is updated ??I just now joined dhan api after kite api, I get Ltp with using symbol but here I couldn’t…please introduce it ASAP…

@Hardik @Divyesh
Do we have any update on ltp?

Hello @rajini @Marimuthu96

Yes, the team is working on this and we will introduce this soon. However, we cannot help you with a timeline here as of now.