API Trading- Security ID headache

Sirji @PravinJ

We are Facing Headache with Security ID with Dhan API

We as Retail trader’s request you to Change this to reduce our Headache.

Peer Brokers are Simplifying This a Lot to benifit users.

Kindly Consider the request.

Cc @Naman

Hi @Gangavarapu

Noted. Though security id is something very standard and provided by exchange, so it becomes very easy to map, irrespective of platform and broker.

Here is the link for scrip-master which gets updated every day before market opens - https://images.dhan.co/api-data/api-scrip-master.csv

@Naman This csv should have been published somewhere on your API document website or at least provide a reference link.

Hi @softice

This CSV was always part of API documentation. We have recently brought it out. Picture for your reference.

Hope this helps!

@Naman here is the doc link that I am referring to and I don’t see it anywhere. Am I looking at the right link?

Can you pls share sample code reg how to fetch security id of an option using symbol name or something else. Is there someone who I can reach?

Hi @softice

Here is the link for API documentation: Introduction - DhanHQ Ver 1.0 / API Document
What you are referring is Developer Kit : api.dhan.co , where one can try, test and hit the APIs like postman.

Hope this helps!

@Naman got it thanks.

Let me know if you still need help with this.
I was able to get BNF ATM CE PE weekly expiry and its dynamic.
It basically scans that csv file and gets the desired security ID based on some conditions.