Auto Logout Problem

Hi @Dhan @Dhan_Help @PravinJ,

Today I have encountered with auto logout problem during my trading session at least thrice. As a scalper I found it very annoying during having an open position. Please do something to avoid such an irritating situation.

Thank you

Hi @MonkInTrade, Our web sessions are now on an average 6-8 hours, if a session is continued and requires revalidation - it happens with PIN only. Some of the measures are for security of account.

We have seen users move between Dhan web (, Dhan TradingView ( and Options Trader ( via typing at again and starting a new session. We have quick shortcuts for same on Dhan dashboard + My Profile tab… or via links on Dhan web ( - these requests go with SSO (single sign-on) and easier to maintain sessions v/s triggering any other way. Request you to to give this a try., I personally browse this way.


Thank you for your advice. Next time I will try that.