Auto save Chart

kindly upgrade auto save chart on with various frequency option like 5 min ,15 min etc , currently its saving every single second thus making the terminal to slow down a lot


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Hi @Satyam, Auto save charts on Dhan are enabled by default. Also request you to please share one consolidated suggestions on, multiple threads are extremely difficult to track and want to ensure we keep all requests reviewed whenever we pick up new things for development.

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i know its enable by default but its saving every single second, kindly having an option like saving once in 5 min would be great.

Sure, i will try to keep my post consolidated

My auto save by default is not working

I think they are having problem in this for past many days. Mine is not working either. In fact, I also read someone else also complaining about the same.

Auto Save is working fine. Request to hard refresh your browser and check, charts are saved across devices. If there is any update for any other device - in that case it will be updated across.

Hard refresh didn’t work. Seem to be something has happened with layouts. I deleted them and resaved them and now they are auto-saving.

Must be a conflict in library, we pushed an update few days back to enable seconds charts on Dhan. We keep updating our web & platforms frequently nowadays.

Maybe auto-save timer has also got increased quite a bit. Earlier, chart used to get auto-saved almost instantly. But now it is taking quite a long time. Maybe 30 seconds (or may be more than that).

Is this deliberate or some bug?