Bank account modification

Working as a fully tech based company, dhan is still lack behind in bank modification section. Today I tried to add new bank and make them default but I could not because it is a courier based service. You have to send them physical copy just to modify bank. This is a joke buddy. I am using Zerodha and Upstox but never faced such problems. I expect a company who totally work and rely on tech should provide this as soon as possible. Change of bank may be due to an emergency reason so think about it. You can introduce this basic feature. Overall I am totally disappointed and thinking whether to continue with this platform or not.

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Hi @Awish

Thanks for your feedback. We are working on this feature and will update on community when we are ready.

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Hi @Awish, it’s not a basic feature. Any change here means it requires to be updated with exchanges and depositories. It’s on our list of things to do., other platforms mentioned have been around for a decade, we are putting things together and fast… and while we are doing that, we do assist users in getting this done offline for continuity.

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I get it @PravinJ but you need to provide some flexibility to it at leat through email.

But sticking to mail option is not feasible for everyone

Looks like the basic things are totally been ignored, this is been there in the road map from june ( Bank Account Delete or change - #2 by PravinJ )

but don’t know where it’s stuck since then there has been many complicated features lunched but this is been left out becouse the no. Of request for this is very less and same scenario is there for p&l statement, email & mobile no updation

And there is no proper ETA shared for these things, the only reply is, it’s on roadmap

Groww, fyers and many more new brokers have provided these features from the day they entered in the business

Bank account delete in Fyers? They said to me that as per exchange rules, they cannot delete any existing bank account data.

@PravinJ Any confirm ETA for primary Bank account change, or I may have to close my account because I can’t do currier to change the bank account.

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Looks like no body cares to reply from dhan’s side @PravinJ @RahulDeshpande

No timelines as of now for digital process. Our team at @Dhan_Help can assist if you want to change it offline.

Sorry @PravinJ Can’t go far offline, I’ll prefer to close my account. as I don’t want my dividends to go in my current P Account. I’ll reopen a new account once you enable the same