Basket Order Works Like a Dream! 😍

Dear Team,

Fantastic work On Basket Order. Execution is Flawless.

Pls Introduce customer Strategy Builder/Payoff for Live trades ASAP :pray:


Thanks @Gangavarapu, I am guessing our customer support team was able to address your notes.

Yes, we are working on the custom strategy builder right now. We are equally excited to bring this to our users. Work in progress for now :slight_smile:

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Yes @PravinJ
Apparently I placed my Main leg intraday and Hedge as Normal :sweat_smile:
Unable to review since rejected orders are archived by end of the day
Can we Expect the new Strategy Builder by end of October?

Yes, we plan to do that. But it’s a complex bit - tentatively it looks like end of Oct or early November.

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