Bhai kya karu main iska , baar baar hard reset karu ya kya ? Ab aap log kahiyega ye hamare end pe dikkat hai!

Really a tough task.

Hi @pkvvis,

This happens when you switch time frames/reload or change one scrip to another, the candle bar (OHLC) is formed as per the live data received from exchange for the particular time once you open any chart.

We have explained all scenario’s in detailed on how chart works here :

Thank you for your response to my query about the issues I have been facing with the charts on your platform. Your explanation regarding the formation of the candle bar (OHLC) based on live data received from the exchange was helpful in understanding the situation.

While I appreciate your team’s efforts in providing customer service, I would like to suggest that you prioritize making your system more robust to prevent such issues from occurring in the first place.
Thank You

Hi @pkvvis,

Thank you for your kind words. Customer satisfaction is our prime objective, and we always look forward to serve you better.