BO tgt and sl modification not allowed

as stated BO tgt and sl cannot be modified. I know there is a minimum gap reqd to be maintained between market price.
say, siemens mkt 3141 initial SL 3154 initial tgt 3120
i tried to modify SL to 3148 (Current mkt rate at that point of time 3135 ) . It doesn’t happened.

Hi @ronin

Currently, you can modify the Bracket order stop loss to the extent of the first leg execution price only. Let’s say if the short-sell (first leg) executed price is at 3141, then the SL can only be modified till 3141. This is as per our RMS policy, we will continue to enhance this based on users suggestion.

Thanks for clarifying things. What about tgt? Taking in example for the short sell. Are there restrictions as to where tgts can be modified?

Hi @ronin

There is no such restriction on modifying target.