Both apps freeze unexpectedly

Hi team, both Dhan app and Option traders app freezing unexpectedly. Price not updating real-time. Values becoming Zero. Kindly check :frowning:

Index value is zero (please see in screenshot background), open, high, prev close, all bid, ask value zero.

Closed and opened multiple times but after few minutes again facing this issue.

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Hi @pratik01,

Request you to please share your phone and Network/ISP details at, so we can have this checked.

Jay K.
Head - Customer Support

This thing happens with me too. And I even asked so many times. But no updates.

We monitor our datafeeds & connectivity all the time in market hours.

It should happen only when internet connection fluctuates over phone… and it doesn’t reconnect when back. We continue to monitor this, and in few cases have seen its either office network that blocks websocket connections intermittently.