Bracket order: Percentage Target and StopLoss

Hi, Can you please make Target and StopLoss for bracket order settable as percentage of parent order price? Zerodha has this. This makes placing order faster, w/o client having to compute the same.

Hi @phtnl Welcome to Dhan Community !

We do have preset percentage available for bracket in order tab (attached screenshot). Further, we will check the possibility and noted your suggestion to add percentage manually to enhance your product experience.


Buttons are in the narrow range of -2% to +2.5%? How to enter -5% SL? Instead, letting the user optionally enter 2 percentage values - SL and Target (default -5% and 5%) would be more helpful.

Also can you please add brackets for:

  1. Basket order
  2. Draft order
  3. Normal order (delivery)