Bug in Categorizing the Order Type

Why isn’t the tag changed for the orders that are converted to delivery from intraday (on the same day)… Here are my orders that I had converted to delivery but still it’s showing intraday, its kind of confusing.

Can you try to categorize the order as intraday only when the order is bought or sold in the same day

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Hi @Vignesh_N - this is exchange order type and not tag. Stock broking platforms, when they send orders to exchange have to specify the order type as delivery / intraday and this order type is retained as executed on exchange in order history. As you will see, the last order is when you converted past 3 orders to delivery with quantity as 5.

Doesn’t the stock broking platforms need to update back the exchange when client converts the position?

Yes, it happens immediately when orders are converted to delivery and further trades are settled. In this case the last order.

Any charges for this conversion ?

Hi @arjunzuf, there are no charges for this.

Hi @PravinJ, thanks for the fast reply, no there was a total of 10 quantity I took for delivery on that day. It is not that I converted the last 3 orders to delivery.

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Are you saying a new order is created when the order type is converted (in this case intraday to normal)?

Hi @amit, @Vignesh_N,

Currently, we show the original order type only, not the converted order type. We have noted your suggestion.