Build with Dhan: Request Indicators you want us to add on TradingView (

Dear Team could you please add ‘High Low Bands’ indicator on This indicator is not a community scrip and is already available on chartIQ. I would like to use it on charts

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  1. Yeah I am also looking for multi time frame RSI indicator - minimum 3 time frame set at individual RSI length as per the user need.

  2. Straddle, Strangle, Combo charts : any number of Strike price to be combined as per user need with Oi & PCR details on chart would be amazing. I am going nowhere if it comes. Like we can see on algotest & Instaoptions by Fyers.

  3. as there is volume profile (visibile & fixed) range : some user above requested anchored volume profile

  4. Similarly OI profile like recently Sensibull gave., but it should also come with Anchored OI profile with fixed & visible range OI profile option.

  5. turnover options indicator : like there is accumulation/distributor indicator.

  6. There should be Turnover profile as well : with Fixed, visible & anchored range for options : something which Quantstower ODX indicator is doing.

  7. Since there are so many indicator libraries in Dhan with TV charts - pages at the initial opening moments are taking time as compared to other brokers - so plz speed up that.

You will be super-awesome sky high flying with your userbase then :wink: .


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Trend Intensity Index

Pls add this Indicator, this ia a very old request.

Please add Anchored VWAP as a part of Drawing Tool (similar to that of TradingView). It is easier that way to draw multiple anchors of the chart.