Building with Community: Revamping Charts on Mobile App | Seeking Suggestions & Feedback

Hi Everyone

We continue with our endeavour to build products & features with the help of our community, we’re back for your help to build one of our most important features for Super Traders. We are about to revamp the experience on Charts and want to hear your suggestions and feedback for Trading on Charts on our Mobile Apps - Dhan & Options Trader.

We are increasingly observing the pattern that traders are using the Dhan app to track, trade and manage trades with all the drawings & indicators on charts. Of course with Dhan, we save your charting preferences and take them with you across all platforms.

Dhan already provides a Trade on Chart facility on both the mobile apps (Dhan & Options Trader) with the TradingView library. Additionally, there are tabs for Market Depth, Open Positions & Pending Orders right on charts.

Let us know how we can improve, some information that will be of help are:

  • Do you frequently hop between charts and another page? If yes, which ones do you move frequently?
  • Have you used instant trades on App?
  • Do positions marked on charts help you?
  • Do you simultaneously track multiple scripts or time frames on charts?
  • How important is market depth, orders & positions while on chart?

Feel free to share any other thoughts or suggestions.

Thank you,

Hi Naman,

The most important feature that should be available on mobile app is the ability to search other scrips from the charts itself. Currently, let’s suppose we have 10 stocks in watchlist. Then, to see charts for each of the different scrips, we have to first go to watchlist and then click on the next scrip and then see the chart. This behaviour is too much time consuming. It would be better if there could be an option to search for any scrip from the charts itself.

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One more thing I will suggest is:

If my mobile is set on dark mode, the chart ambience on mobile app also becomes dark which is not something we want. Chart ambience should work independently on the mobile theme environment.

check exness mobile charts works just like trading view

Hi Mr.Naman
I am very happy that dhan had taken a step to improve the charting & trading experience.

  1. Position in charts is very useful

  2. i am an f&o trader so i used to track heavy weightage stocks every now & then in nifty & bank nifty

  3. Also market depth is must it indicates liquidity, huge selling / buying at a single point,I don’t prefer trading panel because it is easy to monitor in the chart itself

  4. I only use instant order buttons on mobile app

  5. Mobile app rate refreshment should be improved

  6. Mobile & web real time position should update abusing to office movement

  7. UI improvement for mobile app is required. is some what better than other platforms like mobile app including glass version & web Please do the improvement for better trading experience not as crackers sound / animations.if you improve your trading platform Experience it should really reflect to end user trading experience better.

Hi Naman
Dhan app is beautiful app. I suggest the following:

Font size and type alteration .
Check if dhan and option trading app can be merged together.
Above all, introduce webhooks through Dhan app and also make availability for option webhooks.n

Keep screen on

Either make it inbuilt or with option (like trading view app)

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Completely agreed. This is a very important feature for traders.

Maybe you can have a look at tradingview’s app. There’s an option to type the name of the scrip at the top left corner of the app and voila no need to go again and again to the watchlist and then repeat so many steps.

Hi @Naman,

Have a look at this. What I’m trying to say is this:

Step 1: My mobile is set in dark theme

Step 2: See the charting in Dhan’s mobile app.

See, how the charting ambience turned to dark theme without me doing anything in the app.

This is not the behavoiur we want. This is not how tradingview’s app works.

Step 3: If I change dark mode to light mode. See how charting ambience in Dhan app changes:

So, effectively, charting ambience should not be influenced by dark mode or light mode in mobile. It should work independently of that just like tradingview’s mobile app.

Thanks @Shally @omkar @Narine @killedar.amit @Pranab for sharing your feedback & suggestions. We have noted down every point you all have mentioned here on this thread. Definitely, we will evaluate basis feasibility and value for traders and incorporate in our roadmap.

Thanks Again

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