Bulk download Contract notes feature request

Hi Dhan

cc @PravinJ

Imagine that during tax season, the CA asks the contract notes for the entire year. Not all contract notes are available via email, making it difficult to reconcile. and then the only option for Dhan user is to manually download each one.
if a user trades daily, over 250 contract notes annually and if someone is in charge of multiple family accounts, thousands of contract notes.

It is extremely torturous and has to be addressed asap.

Zerodha offers a one-click download for the complete date range. We require something comparable. The user design needs to be improved so that it works as well as the other good experiences on Dhan.

Other users requesting this functionality like this thread Download contract note from Jul -22 to 31Mar-23. All of them together
cc @Mavvy


Hi @jaison

We have your feedback with us, we will let you know as and when we are ready with this.