Bye Dhan, For Now!

Hi Team @Dhan

I am Moving out of Dhan as of now.

Have tried automating my Algo Strategies. Have failed because of Dhan Algo Api’s being not there Yet!

Would Love to Come Back to Dhan when Dhan

Dhan Figures out Websocket or live Marketfeed API through API Calls. Temporarily Tried To fetch Marketfeed from External source and place order in Dhan but the solutions i came up with were not robust enough!

Does More work on Standardising Security ID CSV Shared and Security ID complications.

Eagerly waiting for You to Work on This and Come with Good News Soon!

See You Soon Dhan :heart:

Market Feed APIs will come soon, on our list of things to do.

Our APIs are now extensively used with partners, including the likes to TradingView, smallcase, Tata Capital and more places even for PMS execution terminals. Do share feedback on what you need to be standardised on Security IDs, happy to take a look.