Can I map my referral after account opening

I have been referred by someone and now I want to get linked which didn’t happen at account opening


Generally, you need to add the referral code at the time of account opening. You can drop us an email at will check if we can do it.

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Thankyou for it, I have emailed on the mentioned email address and would really appreciate if you could help me with it.

Hi Team Dhan,

I am also in the similar kind of situation. At the time of opening the account didn’t add referral. Now I want to get linked with a referral.

It would be highly appreciated if it is possible for you to link my account with a referral of my choice.

Hi @DeltaTrader Welcome to Dhan community. While earlier we used to handle this (this post is old) - but eventually dropped. Unfortunately it is not possible, once account is created we do not allow any changes to that. These are mapped automatically to our accounting systems.