Can you bring this on Dhan

Can you bring this features on Dhan Profit calender this will give us over view about the month our accuracy and we are on track or not


Hi @Rohitsingh

Noted, we will bring something like this (possibly even better) to Dhan. Thanks for sharing your feedback.


Hey @PravinJ @Naman ,

Some more inputs on this

  1. It would be great if you can show the Equity Curve

  2. If such report can be shared via Dhan URL, you can also solve problem related to authenticity of P&L claims. Need less to say, such picture can give much more insight of the trader/investor’s journey as it also shows DD and Time Taken to reach to a given P&L statement.

which platform screenshot it was amit?

@Rohitsingh, it’s still under development, not yet out in the public domain, few people I know are working on it.

Hi @amit

I had seen this screenshot moving on social media. No plans to build such tools at this moment, when we do - we will publish the same on upcoming features.

For now, I can suggest using Anastrat for trade analytics, more on them and our integration here: AnaStrat Trading Journal & Analytics: Now live for Super Traders of Dhan

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Hi @amit

You can try using AnaStrat for analytics and insights on your trading journey.

Soon we’re adding shareable URLs and reports to solve for authenticity of claims, with more metrics to help others choose better.

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Hi @PravinJ ,

I understand that Dhan wants to keep its focus primarily on building a Trading Platform than Analytics, however I would still request you to plan out something minimum possible for all the @Dhan users, which remains free irrespective of their account size but still provides a decent feedback on their trading/investment journey.

Thank you!

Yes, @amit acknowledged. Valid point.