Candle missing in dhan tradingview chart

in daily timeframe 24 june 2022 candle is missing ,
in past already informed this issue since no action taken to resolve the root cause i found your chart data is unreliable for a trader.
why this issue repeatedly happening ? and you claim that “Chart data on Dhan is accurate, we get the data from NSE directly and stream it in real-time on charts. There have been multiple times we have checked this and found our data to match with NSE.”

Hi @shalabh

Data and charts for NSE are absolutely fine. This chart is for CrudeOil from MCX, on other thread also we have acknowledged that we are working to separate our integration for MCX to ensure this issue doesn’t come up. It’s work in progress at our end and we will keep you posted.

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thanks for the early response… hope this issue will be fixed sooner.