Cannot switch to other stocks in Charts?

Hello, why we cannot update stocks in chart. If we open chart of particular stocks, and want to go to other stock no option to switch to other stocks, like trading view chart does. I know that does that but it should be done with charts too. as zerodha does. It would be easier and convenient to switch stocks from chart itself. Please have a look on that.

Hi @skb

When you open stocks pages on, you essentially open a company or scrip page that is has tons of information, and not just charts component alone. Our product structure also has multiple detailed pages - like futures summary, options summary, option chain and all that are available for direct short-cuts from all places for quick navigations - its built with perspective of giving users all that they need and more, to decide to invest or trade.

On other platform you mentioned, it just the chart and nothing else. If you enable what you have suggested, users may change the chart on while on other scrip and may not realise that while they are into their trades / positions / markets - and put a wrong trade. We want to avoid that.

If you still need the same functionality, then suggest using - its only has charting & trading console, and built for trade.

As you have mention no any data in charts.

But datas as you have mentioned above is available in chart.