Charges on Margin Provided for Pledged atocks

Hi Team
Would like to Know if Dhan Charges interest for Margin Provided on Pledged atocks.

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Hi @Gangavarapu

Welcome to Dhan community. The charges for margin against pledge are two components:
a. Pledge / Un-pledge: INR 12.5 / transaction for every scrip
b. Interest Rates for funds utilised: 0.049% per day

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Kindly Correct me If I am Incorrect, So Even if i trade by Maintaining Cash to collateral Margin below 50% for the positions taken I will be charged this Interest?

Request you to go through this, our team has explained in detail over here: Important Update: On Margins, Usage of Broker Funds, and Interest Charges

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Thanks for Being Ethical!

How I can pledge …can you please help

Hi @TusharDhan,

Welcome to Dhan Community. Here is a video for the pledge process