Chart Landscape mode improvement

App ux is very poor in landscape mode. Lot of screen real estate is wasted as you can see in screen shot making chart reading experience very poor. Please improve ui/ux of the app in charting mode. Especially duplicate buy/sell button and other buttons such as refresh buttons etc.

As you can see, all the white space is like extra bezel which can be used to show actual charts

Hi @Sanjay2704 Welcome to Dhan community.

Landscape mode for charts is bit trickly as there are multiple phones on which this should work. Regresh buttons both have different functionalities + Buy/Sell both are actively used by our users - few prefer native TradingView (with instant orders for some) and others prefer Dhan Order placement windows.

ps: Pl remove your number from username, its visible in public. Else forum moderators may delete the profile later.