Chart layout should be open into new window instead of existing window

@PravinJ @Naman Hello All, as of now while we have multiple chart layouts saved in Dhan trading platform, and when I tried to open the 2nd chart layout on the existing open layout than it should open in the new tab of the browser instead of the existing tab when I should try to open the multiple chart layout into the original trading view platform it is opening into the new tab instead of the same tab.

can you please assign someone to look into this issue.?

Thanks & Regards,
Mayuri Modi.

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Hi @mayuri1711

Think that we discussed this point also in the morning gmeet call. As I told you, this is something Tradingview library doesn’t support for the hosted version.

Still, we will ask tradingview to extend this, but I see little value to add with this feature, as most user see one chart at a time and layouts are easily switchable. You can anyway open in new tab and load another layout.