Chart not matching with NSE website High

Nifty Future high made on 16 May is 18445.75 as per NSE website which is Stophunt of Day high - but as per Dhan Chart 18445.50 it didn’t break high.

even Trading view Data also matches with NSE Website.

Market Getting reverse from that levels if we didn’t get proper data at right time - so it will be issue for intraday traders.

Please look in to matter urgently.

hi @Goldshine welcome to Dhan community.

Yes this happens, not all data from exchanges will be matching with charts, exchanges sends snaps of time frame, and the said different snap of 0.25 may not have been sent to us on the exchange server from where we get this.

We have explained this in detail here: Charts on Dhan: What happens behind the scenes and how Charts work exactly?

Good Morning Pravin,

Trading view chart & fyers chart are matching with NSE website.

If we didnt get proper chart - Stophunt of Day High - We will missed good trades & Existing Position will turn in to loss -(Waiting for Day High for Profit Booking).

Request you to find solution because Trading view & fyers chart matching with NSE Website Data, So how it is possible only you are not getting correct Data from NSE.

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Same issue happen today also Banknifty Future Chart High (All Snapshot attached )

NSE Website - 43,955
Fyers - 43,955
Trading View - 43955
Dhan Chart - 43953.15 .

We need accuracy in Data as Fyers & Trading view Charts are correct with NSE Data.

Request you to find solution.

Same issue happen today also Nifty Future Chart High (All Snapshot attached )

NSE Website - 18,328.35
Fyers - 18,328.35
Trading View - 18,328.35
Dhan Chart - 18320.05

We need accuracy in Data for Intraday Index Trading as Fyers & Trading view Charts are correct with NSE Data.

Request you to find solution.

Issue happen today also in Banknifty Index Chart - High

NSE Website - 43,992.75
Fyers -43,992.75
Trading View - 43,992.75
Dhan Chart -43,987.25

We need accuracy in Data for Intraday Index Trading as Fyers & Trading view Charts are correct with NSE Data.

Request you to find solution.

(All Snapshot attached )

Hi @Goldshine

Thanks for highlighting this, we will optimize more. Further, we have your feedback with us.

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what is the dead line for this optimization? we need accurate data as other platform data matches with NSE webisite.(example check Trading View Banknifty Fut Chart High & Dhan Chart

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Unfortunately, I also observed this with Currency Jun future charts (USDINR), Kite’s chart matches correctly, however, Dhan’s OHLC data is incorrect for most days. This is surprising … Can a deadline be set for rectifying this?

Dhan doesn’t look real serious about this issue atleast in this thread!

Hi @Goldshine @Richa, As we have explained in our post about charts, the exchange processes millions of transactions each day but as an industry standard, only a snapshot of such transactions/ticks is used for intra-day charts. And hence you may see a variance in intra-day charts among brokers.

The logic for intra-day charts at NSE is also the same - it shows snapshots of transactions and not each transaction.

This just impacts the chart formation and not the actual order execution. The order execution happens at exchanges based on price-time priority and as mentioned in our post, it is possible that the order gets executed at a price that is not seen on charts. Again, this is the same across the industry.

For your reference, here is the Banknifty chart from NSE for today. The high mentioned is 44,339.05, but as you can see the chart shows a high of 44,318, which is the same as open. Even the pre-open high on the chart is 44,436, and not 44,339.05.

Hope this clarifies.

@Karan , Hello,

We know everything about snapshot- Logic & all other thing - but Dhan team is not capable, it seems, you guys are always giving excuses.

I have already mentioned other brokers are getting correct data from NSE & only you (Dhan) not getting full data.- correct Data.

Check trading view Chart Data is always matching with NSE Data.(check it for you reference).

If trading view & Other brokers are managing and they are providing correct Data then why you can’t?

Take suggestion from Trading View team, how they are managing & providing correct Data?

Expecting immediate action from Dhan.



For reference look at the Jun month future contract for USDINR… try matching OHLC data for the entire contract duration, one day not matching out of stack could make sense, most of the days not matching is alarming. The concern is to collectively improve the platform and services and in no way be critical of the services provided.

Looking for a proactive investigation…

many thanks!

Hi @Richa,

We cross-verified the June USDINR data for multiple days and expiries on NSE, and found it is matching 100%.

Here are a couple of examples of previous expiry:

For 17th May, OHLC as per NSE and Dhan daily chart OHLC:

Here it is for 26th May :

And finally for the current expiry, here is the data for 30th May:

Request you to please review and share any specific date where you are unable to match the data. Note that we show continuous chart data, meaning the June Future chart data when you were seeing in May is the next-expiry continuous contract data. And when you see the June Future chart data now, it will show the near-month continuous expiry contract data.

With continuous contract data charts, you get more historical data, which you will not get as per the chart shared by the broker mentioned by you. More historical and relevant expiry data helps with better analysis.

Hope this clarifies. We will be happy to connect over to call to explain this.

Hi @Goldshine,

We compare our data only with NSE. If you find any discrepancy on Dhan as per NSE website data, we will be happy to review and address it.


I would be so happy to be wrong… but I see this…

Jun Fut contract for USDINR expires on 27th Jun… here is 17th May data…

here is from NSE… 27th Jun expiry…

Now, if you saying that the current expiry contract would have the correct data and next expiry contract may have some discrepancy due to the way charts are formed to show continuous data then I will notice the chart for Jun month, for the current contract…

Anyway thanks for your help in digging into this…

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Ok I get it whats going on and it makes sense as well… thanks for digging into this for me…

your chart till the end of last month expiry will show the data of last month in the current contract… for showing continuous contract… (this is good… a bit confusing though)… and I noticed the difference between yours and Kite’s chart.

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