Clarification regarding Cash required for option selling with Collateral margin

My funds are collateral(1L) and cash around 1.3L currently. But I got the collateral margin by pledging the shares today. So till yesterday my total margin consisted of only only cash (1.3L). I made position out of that 1.3L and now today I pledged shares and got collateral margin of 1L and then made another position out of that collateral margin of 1L which was purely collateral as I did not have any cash at that time. So how will the funds be utilised for new order?
Will there be penalty or interest levied on second order?

Hi @Atharva Welcome to Dhan community!

As per the telephonic conversation with our executive we understand that your margin concern has been addressed.

Further, you need to maintain the 50:50 margin and if it is not maintained then 0.0438% interest per day is applicable.

But still can you clarify whether in this particular case there will be any interest or no?

Hi @Atharva

Request you to get in touch with our help support at or call us on Phone Support 022 - 4890 6273