Coming Soon: Options Strategy Builder++ (on Web)

For Option Traders in India :chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_downwards_trend::india:

Our team at Dhan is about to release soon - Options Strategy Builder++ :rocket:

Will be absolutely FREE for super traders of Dhan, here is what’s coming for Options Traders:

:medal_sports: Custom Strategy Builder - on Web :technologist:
:medal_sports: Fully Integrated Options Trading Experience :innocent:
:medal_sports: Fast Create 14 Popular Strategies :fast_forward:
:medal_sports: Real-Time Pay-Off Charts :chart_with_downwards_trend:
:medal_sports: Instant / Fast Execution :zap::star2:
:medal_sports: Direct Save to Basket Orders :basket:
:medal_sports: Trader’s Watchlist :innocent:
:medal_sports: Manage Open Positions - Single or Group
:medal_sports: Market Outlook based Strategies :bulb:
:medal_sports: Usual stuff - Greeks, P&L Table, Margins, etc
:medal_sports: Built-in Option Chains, PCR, Open Interest, Snapshots, & more.

All above features and capabilities work for:
:chart_with_upwards_trend: BANK NIFTY
:chart_with_upwards_trend: NIFTY50
:chart_with_upwards_trend: FINNIFTY
:chart_with_upwards_trend: and all F&O Stocks
and Currency & Commodities will follow :innocent:

We will start providing early access to Options Trader on the Web in a few weeks from now :sunrise::sunglasses:

Dhan gets better, everyday :innocent:


Thanks @PravinJ :pray:
Consider Websockets also Pls!


Was waiting for this , Lovely :heart_eyes:
Commodities will be a game changer. Noone provides it ! Superb


For the strategy buider, I hope it will show the margin required for a particular strategy. And if you can expose the same via our Dhan API, it will be great.


Didn’t understand - guessing you mean real-time feed APIs?

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Thank you. Commodities will come up a bit later, as mentioned in the post.


Yes, Margin required will be shown.

APIs we would have loved to, but will skip - these APIs will get misused - they hit Margins / Risk Management systems on real-time, if few users can get adventurous on this, it will slow down our core systems. Not promising anything there as of now, maybe later.


Yes. Websockets streaming Live Marketfeed API

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Very good.coming weeks means mid 2023

sir i want know can we buy mutual funds in our platform

Hi @asgkbotany, Welcome to Dhan community.

At this time, we have ETFs. Mutual Funds is work in progress, we aim to bring it on Dhan soon.

Hi Pravin, wanted to check on ETFs

Whenever there are new ETFs launched post NFO , wil that be available on DHAN.

kotak launching silver ETF .

Loving it absolutely !!
This is the reason why i Trade with Dhan in the first place, I used to use Fyers, Zerodha.
I personally Suggested them many features to improve , they promised but None kept their word.

But Dhan is just Incredible interms of listening to Traders.

not only we’re getting what we’ve asked for.
We’re getting everything that a Super Trader might potentially need !!

That’s Super COOL !! It’s just a matter of Time before when All the super Traders moves their Base to Dhan from other platforms making Dhan #1 in the industry :fire::fire:

Keep up the Good Work @Dhan @PravinJ @Naman


Hey @pavz, when ETFs start trading on exchanges - they are automatically available on Dhan.

Also eagerly waiting for Bracket & Cover Orders for Options Trading on Dhan as part of your product roadmap

hey, we are working on this one. When ready, we will have to test it in mock trading environment and then possibly to beta version and then live for all. On our things to do.

Request for a feature in new options web platform …

If I want to take a bullish trade in a particular XYZ stock where current market price is 100 and my target is 110 and stop loss I would like to keep is 95…

In above scenario I would like to request to keep options as below…

  1. Stock Name… Target price and SL price
    2 Strategy you want to build ( ex… Bull call spread or bear Put spread)
  2. Risk I want to take suppose 5000
    ( After choosing the risk amount that I want to loose when Stock hit 95 I must loose defined amount only . Of course it depends on Theta and many other factors but I’m saying in ideal condition …)
  3. When I choose risk amount target and SL then in drop down if we get strategies suitable for the risk amount then our capitals will be safe up to some extent.

one more feature I would like to request is on the X axis we are having time frame and in Y axis we are having price…

in straddles and strangles u know it is difficult to adjust while price is moving in this scenario I would like to know is there any possibility to drag and drop strangle options from Y axis price itself …
Ex . I’m having 41000 PE short if I want to move it to 41500 PE short then drag and drop from chart itself make very good sense for many option traders…

I don’t know about the possibilities of these features but I would like to suggest in ur future development


When we will enjoy the trading view full access sir

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Waiting from long time

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