Commodity LTP set to zero

@ 8:52 AM today @Dhan_Help. Please fix this.


Shouldnt the market open at 9 AM ?

Correct me if am wrong

Last sessions LTP is reflected for equity & NSE F&O. So commodity also should be there. But it isn’t.

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Hi @t7support,

Do let us know if you see the same tomorrow, to confirm this was not one-time intermittent connectivity scenario. We will get this checked.

Dhan Customer Support.

Ok sure. Will check tomorrow also.

Hi @Dhan_Help

This is a bug. See today @ 8:39 AM


No problem for equity or Nifty F&O. Problem is with commodity instruments loaded on to the watchlist and positions tab.


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Hi @t7support

We have identified this issue that is causing the same at your end. Will have this fixed soon.

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Thanks @PravinJ. Appreciate it very much.