Connectivity issues due to CloudFlare global outage

Looks like brokers are disconnected due to the cloudflare outage. If you are using Airtel Fibre or Jio Fibre etc, you may be facing the same. Anyone wanting to exit the positions can use mobile internet using the app as it’s working with mobile internet.

@PravinJ Do we have a backup network for such outages?

Good to see Dhan is resilient to this outage.

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Yes, I am impressed! This has increased my confidence even more to trust Dhan forever. When the biggest brokers are down, Dhan is up!

Hi @ayaan @sharu_john : Dhan is working fine, we are up and running.

For traders who may have positions open, this will help:


Man you are the tech king! Dhan has come to kill em all! Dhan trader forever from today :heart:

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Kudos to @Dhan @PravinJ !! :clap:

(Upstox, Zeordha, Fyers were down)