Contract note & ledger updation for nifty index weekly OTM options that expires worthless and that are not squared off

I did not square off nifty index weekly options of 17 nov expiry.
All calls and puts were out of money.
My ledger is not updated for nov 17.
Please look into this.

Hi @Joy969,

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If the option contract is OTM on the expiry day, then Exchange will settle/square off the same.

Further, for your concern related to ledger, kindly drop us an email at with your details so we can have this checked.

Hey @Poornima , is there charges by Dhan on expired OTM options settlement?

Hi @wicked_sunny,

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If there is an OTM position then Exchange will settle/square off the same. If the OTM contract is settled by exchange on the expiry day, then no charges will be applicable for the same.

And if I had placed an intraday order for OTM option which expired worthless then Dhan would levy charges for auto squareoff?

Yes auto squared off intraday orders will be charged - square of charge + per trade charges as usual.