CPR TC and BC line keeps flips

When indicator CPR is chosen I can see the TC and BC of the CPR will be flipped on some day. ie; some day the color of the Top pivot will show as Bottom pivot and vise versa. why is that ? as shown in attached.

TC is the highest level, while the pivot is in the middle, and BC is the lowest. Depending on market conditions, TC may have a lower value than BC. Don’t worry, it’s right.

Also, thanks for reminding me of this indicator, I had forgotten this one. Very useful indicator.

Thanks Akhil, but does it have any significance definition, is there anything we can predict that the market will be in and uptrend or downtrend - or will it cross the pivot line?. Just my thoughts.

Not sure about TC and BC flips but you can see if all 3 levels (TC, Pivot & BC) are rising every day you can expect a uptrend next day and same vise versa.