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i am having trading account with dhan,in that futures & options segment was deactive mode. I requested via mail yesterday at 4 p.m to re-activate f&o for my client code.
I need to know how days it will take to activate f&o.I did this in zerodha but they activated on the immediate next day. I kindly request you to speed up these kind of process.I Also make the process of changing the primary bank account online.

There is no doubt you & your team are doing great. Your company is trying to provide next level trading environment. But some Important factors i noticed in dhan,they are running from one feature / improvement without making it perfect complete product. Dhan is giving priority to fancy things than core trading features.I request you to make priority to core trading features & hassle free process. This is the same way zerodha did. It made 100 % trust to its trading features not on fancy things. That only made them successful.

Hi @Narine - regulations change from time to time. Now when F&O activation or reactivation happens, our team has to get the same registered with all exchanges. Earlier it wasn’t that way, and we cannot allow traders to trade without the explicit approvals from all exchanges. Earlier we used to process KYC from start to trade in 5 mins, now it takes more than a day. Few things here are beyond our control - but if there is a delay, please write to and our team is available to assist on same.

Change on primary bank account, yes - its on our list of things to do. We are trying to build everything that other brokers have built over ten years in less than a year. Just matter of prioritising, these things are important and we will work on them.

Hi @PravinJ
Let me share fact about overall functionality of Dhan.
I know Dhan team may be working hard to introduce new features and also working to make it better.
However, Dhan app/website is not working sometime. It hangs, data freezes and not getting refreshed. I reached to customer care team through email id two times, they acknowledged however I could not see any preventive action taken to prevent this issue.
Today also I have faced this issue around 11.30 am. I executed an order through App and was not able to exit position at all. I clicked everywhere, tried to close and reopen app, changed internet, but nothing worked.
After 7 minutes, I was able to exit it. This is really frustrating situation for trader.
Such strange behavior can cause huge loss. Will Dhan take responsibility for such losses?
You should make platform lighter and faster. Due to such unavoidable issue, I think Dhan will lose its customer soon or only swing trader or who want to take delivery will use Dhan.
I hope you will consider this feedback seriously.