CX Process Update

Recently contacted Dhan customer care via Phone. And on the call to verify they confirmed PAN number which I think is not the best practice to follow.

Feedback even if the customer team ask to confirm sensitive info last 4 digit should be asked or follow the gpay approach send in-app otp to verify the user that is much better, cause that way privacy is intact. I don’t know how much data access a customer support person has in Dhan, but this process should be changed.

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Hi @Sahil,

We understand your point of view. The current practice is in place with customer’s safety in mind. As you may be aware, recently there have been instances in the industry where customer data has been compromised. We are being extra cautious with our approach to avoid and minimize such incidents. At the same time, we understand your concern and have noted this feedback to improve our processes.

Jay K.
Head - Customer Support

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Thanks, I do understand the need to authenticate. However, It should be done in a more secure way without sharing sensitive information on the call.