Day's Total profit or loss alerts?

Hi Team,

Need alerting feature that’s lets us know total mtm or total day’s profit or loss reached to certain amount reaches like +/- 2000. This will help traders who are using options strategies to understand their profit or loss gets triggered and exit the strategy immediately. Please add this very important feature for any option sellers which also adds good value to Dhan.

Please make options platform little different compared to normal Dhan app. Adding such features will make trading easier and 1st time in the market.

Hi @mahesh5b5, you can set this up on Trader Controls provided by Dhan.

More on that and all the controls, you can read in detail here: Now Live: Now Trader Better on Dhan with Trader's Controls

Quick Video here: What is Trader's Controls 🦁⚡ - Now cut losses, avoid overtrading, and much more! | Dhan (English) - YouTube