Default view for chart


When I load any script it shows up with my view which is open in another tradingview window(4 chart),
I have two views, one with a single chart and one with four charts,

How can I make the default view?

Hi @Jigar

On Dhan you last saved preference will be the one that gets loaded on by default. This is sync’ed across all our platforms - be it on Dhan app, Web, Dhan TV or Dhan Options Trader app

Hello @PravinJ , If I have two browser tabs open, one with 4 charts and another with 1 chart, what will happen? because in Dhan web, I only want to see 1 chart which I am trading and on tradingview tab. I open four charts, how to prevent that?
I hope you understand my question,

Sure, any window where you did your last update - that will get saved as primary.