Delay in traders diary update

Hi @iamshrimohan traders diary not updated today.

Hi @pavz

Thanks for highlighting, Trader’s diary will get updated by today end of the day.

Thanks Simran,

its already updated.

Usually i see it being updated by 8.30 to 9 am before market opens. But today it wasn’t.

Is updated now :+1:

Nope for me it is not updated yet @Simran

Hi @t7support ,

Trader’s diary is updated,Request you to check now.

Yes updated now. Thanks.

Our settlement processes y’day took some time, hence it was delayed.

In morning hours, our priority is to get trading systems up and running for the day. We will optimise few things to ensure they run in parallel.


@PravinJ @Dhan_Help, Trader’s Diary is updated for 31 July on Dhan web. But its not updated in Dhan mobile app. Any reason for that ?

Also to Add on to this, COMMODITIES pNL is not updated in TRADERS DIARY

i clearly saw around 70k overall EOD, but the same [only commodity part] isnt updated in traders diary

Just checked. It seems my commodity profit yesterday is also not added.

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@t7support do let know when you see the trades profit in traders diary

I checked again now, still not reflecting :neutral_face:

Dhan support told me that it will be updated by tomorrow. @PravinJ why the delay this time ?

@t7support We are making changes on our platforms to ensure we support things at scale, maybe one of these changes or some settlement may have got delayed. I am away at this moment, will check this bit.

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Thanks @PravinJ

@pavz 1 Aug data is updated now. But strangely 31 July data is missing. Hopefully will be updated today.

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Hi @t7support

We will check and review this with our team; the same will be updated shortly

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Yes same here , July 31 St commodity part is still missing as discussed. @Divyesh same issue as @t7support . Pls have a look

Thanks @Divyesh.

@pavz mine is updated. I can see the commodity trades as well.

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Hi @Divyesh this is really not expected

Have DM ed you the details , requested to check here too.

It’s a matter of 30k , of this is not raised by is there wasn’t a communication too on this . Could u care about this

There could be a tech issue or month end issue but does it mean it’s not informed to us and 30 k doesn’t even reflect ?

Disappointed :pensive:

Cc @PravinJ @Rahul

You have been super active in otherthreads and no courtesy to even reply for my concern

Hi @pavz

Apologies for the delayed reply. Not sure how I missed it.

We are checking this on priority, we will revert you in DM.

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